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Drama: Wu Lin Mi An Zhi Mei Ren Tu Jian (2020) Network: Tencent Video Main Stars: Cai Jun Tao, Zhang Nan, Cavan Wen Genres: Mystery, Drama Country: China Language: Chinese Release Date: 30 December 2020 Season: 1 Aired: 30 December 2020 Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday Also Known As: 武林秘案之美人图鉴, Wu Lin Mi An Zhi Mei Ren Tu Jian 2020 Life List: Yang Kuei-mei, Melvin Sia, Huang Peijia, Harry Chang, Jacqueline Zhu, Lee Yi 15 June 1 SET Metro EBC Variety: 我的極品男友 Better Man: Lin Yo-Wei, Tender Huang, Jolin Chien, Cindy Lien, Shara Lin, Hope Lin: 60 June 15 July 5 CTV CTi Entertainment: 來自未來的史密特 Future Mr. ― Yanjun Lin Yanjun is a singer under Banana Culture Music. Crush (TBA) as Su Nianqin; Fall in Love (TBA) as Xu Guangyao; Let us know why you like Evan Lin Yanjun in the comments section. "Pain is the process of weakness leaving the body." Sign In. Tidak berhenti sampai di situ, dia diumumkan sebgai pemeran utama pria dalam drama China lainnya, Crush. The following is a list of TVB's top serial dramas in 2019 by viewership ratings. October 7th, 2019 10 notes. Lin Yanjun Fans Also Viewed . Forced to part, one grew up with their mother, while the other was raised by their father. Please do feel free to add on to the list Number Of Episodes - Total of 50 Episodes Original Country of the series - China with the Mandarin language Main cast list of the series Ariana Grande. Title: Distraction Pairing: Reader x Yanjun Genre: Fluff Word Count: 835 words Summary: It’s really hard to study when you have a needy boyfriend who wants all of your attention. Discussions around Asian drama actors, soundtracks, and award shows are also welcome. Singer Born in Taiwan #16. Legend of Awakening (2020) - Legend of Awakening (In Chinese: Tian Xing Zhi Lu) is an upcoming Chinese web series based on the novel of the same name by "Hudie Lan".It is a Wuxia fantasy drama. Watch Taiwanese Drama genre from around the world subbed in over 100 different languages A drama that often gets many people first hooked on C-dramas, this romance between Bai Qian (Yang Mi) and Ye Hua transcends three lives in three different worlds. First Name Lin #6. First Name Lin. Fan M Lin and Mao J Lin are some of the alias or nicknames that Maojia has used. Signature card 1. Maojia's personal network of family, friends, associates & neighbors include Lin Zeng, Qiong Lin, Tong Lin, Hsueh Lin and Qiang Lin. More August 24 Birthdays. Summary: Maojia Lin is 41 years old today because Maojia's birthday is on 01/06/1979. Korean dramas oh these are the best Korean dramas I have ever watched and in future I'm looking forward to add lots of best dramas here. #NINE PERCENT #idol producer #cai xukun #chen linong #fan chengcheng #justin huang #huang minghao #lin yanjun #zhu zhengting #wang ziyi #xiao gui #wang linkai #you zhangjing #schedule #info #schedule: 191006. Nine Percent Members Profile: Nine Percent Facts Nine Percent (百分九少年) is a Chinese boy group consisting of nine members: Cai XuKun, Chen LiNong, Fan ChengCheng, Justin, Lin YanJun, Zhu ZhengTing, Wang ZiYi, Xiao Gui and You ZhangJing.They are formed by the reality show Idol Producer by iQiyi in 2018. Lin Yanjun Popularity . ... Chew and veteran actress Lin Meijiao also recalled another time when almost the entire cohort of TCS artistes stood on the steps of the city hall in TV World to film a trailer. A new year means new Chinese dramas to look forward to, and with so many already planned for release this year, we tried to choose a few of the romances we're most looking forward to seeing on screen. Because there are so many period dramas available and eliminating down to only 50 nigh impossible, we only included films/TV shows, and mini-series we believed were truly romantic and also personal favorites we would recommend to a … "Korean drama, K-drama or KD's for short, refers to televised dramas in Korean language, made in South Korea, mostly in a miniseries format, with distinctive features that set it apart from regular Western television series or soap operas. LIN YI | Chinese Actor and Model. Fans Gold card 1. Lin Yanjun Is A Member Of . Since the day they were born, twin sisters Qiao Man (Lin Yun) and Nan Sheng (Lin Yun), have always looked out for each other. Top ten drama series in ratings. 我们的演唱会 (This Is BANANA) Lin Yanjun, You Zhangjing. Please also share … Pop Singer. 190620 Ep.1 - RAW | SUBS Lin Yanjun ; 190627 Ep.2 - RAW | SUBS You Zhangjing; 190703 Ep.3 - RAW | SUBS Lin Yanjun ; 190710 Ep.4 - RAW | SUBS You Zhangjing; 190717 Ep.5 - RAW | SUBS Lin Yanjun ; 190724 Ep.6 - RAW | SUBS You Zhangjing; 190731 Ep.7 - RAW | SUBS Lin Yanjun August 2020: He has a little skit for I Apple You with Zhao Lu … Hey, guys WhatsApp my name is Jonathan from Tv Highlights, and here is the latest info of the Upcoming Republican-era, Romance Drama Fall In Love 见倾心 … Your one stop source of information from the cast, plots, trailers, pictures and many more! He made his solo debut on January 7, 2019. He participated in the first season of Idol Producer, ranking 5th and becoming a member of Nine Percent. Originally posted by tolwenjun. His dramas have unique story line and his acting just makes his character stands out so good. Pop Singer. The website has a pretty simple homepage with sections like drama series, drama movies, popular series and daily release. Make a List Browse Lists Search Lists Leaders Help / Contact Newsletter. You may also recognize him from EXO’s “Wolf” drama that they released back in the day. Drama itu bukan hanya drama pertamanya, tapi dia juga menjadi salah satu pemeran utama pria. Read Full Summary Dramas & Films. Dramas. Harry Styles. Pop Singers. Camila Cabello. RemSG sorts out its list of 20 most memorable Channel 8 dramas. Lin Yan Jun will star opposite Wan Peng in the drama, Crush, which will start filming in September. Pop Singer. A/N: Tbh I jumped on the Lin Yanjun train super late, but … Republican romance drama Fall in Love 一见倾心 stars Chen Xingxu (Goodbye My Princess) as young general, Zhang Jingyi as a noble lady recently returned from overseas and Nine Percent idol Lin Yanjun as the heroine’s childhood sweetheart. Zhangjing always posts covers and demos in his soundcloud despite only having a very small following. Well to all those who like him here is a list of his dramas. Fall In Love (2021) Crush (2021) Facts & Factoids: Debuted under a temporary group called Nine Percent. Graces Bvlgari SerpentiForm Exhibition in China On April 29, 2019 fashion powerhouse BVLGARI held an exhibit honoring the allure of the serpent in Chengdu Museum in China aptly called SERPENTIform. Wu Lin Mi An Zhi Mei Ren Tu Jian Detail. Pop Singer. You Zhangjing is an aspiring musician, and he has always looked up to Lin Yanjun, an idol well known for his self-composed songs. Xing Zhao Lin is a former SM Entertainment trainee turned amazing actor. Supporting hand width 1. He beautifully portrays the character he is given and makes the drama more enjoyable. A lbum book 1. Kris Wu, Deng Lun, Li Qin, Lin Yanjun, Etc. A lbum book 1. Chen Xingxu as Tan Xuanlin. Previously city included Saugus MA. A wiki site for Chinese dramas and movies. Mantan anggota Nine Percent, Evan Lin Yanjun baru-baru ini selesai syuting drama China pertamanya, Fall in Love pada 5 September 2020. Dramago is one of the most popular Korean drama websites with some very good dramas. New photo album include Bear Gift box 1. It was such a grand affair, they said. Two Upcoming Chinese Romantic Fantasy Drama. 25 Year Olds. The link is provided in the form of the list simply click on that and watch your favorite dramas. Most Popular #63702. As children they were inseparable, but when their parents divorced, their world came crashing down around them.

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