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College Requirement There is no central clearinghouse or placement services for research. Honors courses count. In both 2010 and 2011, over 65% of HD graduating seniors had taken part in research before they graduated from Cornell. 4410 Human-Environment Relations * ), master of arts (M.A. PAM and HCP undergraduates are encouraged to participate in research if they are interested. Human Development majors must also take courses in Biology, Statistics, and scientific methods. Human Development majors must take at least ONE class in EACH of the two areas listed below. Typically undergraduate students do research for credit. There are other Introduction to Statistics across the university (notably PAM 2100). You will also be assigned an individual faculty adviser. 9. PAM 2000 - Intermediate Microeconomics Do not send mass e-mails to professors. NOTE: Credits earned at Cornell approved study abroad programs, Cornell-in-Washington, Capital Semester, and Urban semester all count as Cornell credits. I.F. •    BIOG 1440 or BIOG 1445 If you take a class while abroad you think could meet other requirements, you should complete a Curriculum Waiver form. First year writing seminars MUST be taken in during the first year. 3. Cornell students are permitted to take up to two semesters for a leave of absence during their course of study. Students must complete a minimum of 40 PAM credits (not including PAM 2101 and PAM 3100). PAM 4010: Empirical Research Please note that PAM 4060 can only count towards the additional PAM electives requirement, or general electives. In order to graduate you must earn 2 PE credits. I'm not OP, but I am a current cornell student (in engineering). Concurrent Degrees Requirements and Processes . 8. Cornell University's Class Roster provides the complete list of HD courses that are offered each semester. 4690 Research on Adult Attachment Phenomena Lab ILRLR 4820 Ethics at Work  Finally, tie everything together in a Core Message. Third, student must take 6 additional credits in any language course, or any course with the Course Distribution PBS, SBA, KCM, MQR, LA, CA, or HA. The HD department keeps an up-to-date list of student research opportunities in the main office (G421 MVR). W has no effect on your GPA. ILRLR 4880 Justice  3. 4850 Translational Research Lab It will be useful to take these courses in sequential semesters. Creativity is championed in the Cornell University Human Ecology Building. She is currently interested in human resources, social justice, and consulting. On campus she is involved in Cornell Marketing and Social Enterprise Group at Cornell. After the work has been completed, the instructor must complete a Change of Grade form to change the grade from an INC. Examples of courses include: Once all of the department and university requirements are satisfied, PAM majors still have approximately 40 remaining credits of electives. These semi-annual meetings should enable the faculty advisor and student to form a sufficiently deep relationship that faculty can write letters of recommendation on behalf of students. requirements for those following the 2016-2017 PAM curriculum sheet and earlier, not even PAM 4060. 3210 Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience NOTE: You will not get PAM course credits for any course you take while abroad. 7. Undergraduates may also conduct their own research as part of the HD Honors program, which is designed to give talented Human Development undergraduates the opportunity to formulate and carry out an independent research investigation under the supervision of a member of HD departmental faculty. 15. 2. 8 of the credits count as Human Ecology credits outside of the major. 4440 The Nature of Human Intelligence PHIL 2450 Ethics and Health Care  Courses required for admission to Medical School are very compatible with the HD major. HE non-departmental courses do not count toward the 9 Human Ecology credits outside of the major. What kinds of research projects are being conducted in Human Development? Minors and Concentrations Human Ecology will accept all minors and concentrations that are approved by the University. 4410 Human-Environment Relations * Contact the Student Development Office in Academic Surge A 125, or the Office of Internal Transfer and Concurrent Degrees for more information. It is typically used for situations where a significant health or personal issue prevents the student from completing a component of the course requirements. 4420 Intimate Relationships You can certainly take courses in different colleges. 3270 Field Practicum I However, in very exceptional circumstances (such as junior transfer, medical leave, and so on), it may be extremely inconvenient to take exactly the required core classes. 4260 Translational Research on Memory and Neuroscience Because two sets of College requirements are involved, the dual degree option involves even more careful planning than a simple double major. To participate in Teaching Apprenticeship, students must have at least a 3.0 GPA at Cornell, junior or senior status, and have completed PAM 2300. 2610 Development of Social Behavior * You cannot complete a double major within Human Ecology. *More information how new students can obtain a mentor will be coming soon! You should review the curriculum sheet carefully for this information. However, in order to earn PAM credit there must be distinct policy analysis academic content to the work. The Institute of Politics and Global Affairs at Cornell University is the only academically based institute of politics and global affairs located in the New York metropolitan area. By strategically selecting from the PAM electives, and electives from across the university, PAM students can create a powerful portfolio of courses that satisfy their individual career and personal interests. HCP Advisor, Brandon Tripp, 419 Kennedy This requirement can be satisfied with a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Calculus BC exam, or by taking any Cornell MATH course (except MATH 1000, MATH 1710, or MATH 1600). Officially, PAM does not need to know. There are no minimum grade requirements for any single PAM or HCP course (other than passing) as long as you satisfy the cumulative GPA requirements. Students must satisfy college requirements. That is okay. You should see the College Registrar’s website for the most up to date information on semester Add/Drop dates. ↑ Explore Human Ecology Departments and Centers. In addition to the above PAM math and core PAM courses, students must take a minimum of 18 credits of 3000 or 4000 level PAM classes (i.e PAM 3100 and PAM 3300 cannot count toward the 18 credits at the 3000 and 4000 level). All PAM majors are required to take the following introductory social science classes: To measure and assess the impact of new policies and changes to existing policies requires a strong grounding in empirical analysis. What kinds of careers do Human Development graduates pursue? For example, there is a natural order to the economics based courses (ECON 1110, PAM 2000, PAM 2040) and for the statics based courses (PAM 2101, PAM 3100). (HD 4030 is an elective and does not count toward the 36 didactic credits required in HD for graduation.) Note: You are NOT permitted to select the S/U option for any required courses in: 1. You are permitted to drop classes after the deadline; however, a grade of W will be recorded on your transcript. Typically students get involved in research during their sophomore and junior years, although there are some exceptions. First Year Writing Seminar, Sophomore Fall Semester Faculty want students with a strong work ethic, who are organized and willing to work both independently and as a team member. ‘Additional PAM Credits’ requirement. Or, to enroll in PAM 4030 complete the paper HE 4030 TA Form, and obtain appropriate signatures. 13. A minimum of 3 hours per week of work are required for each earned credit. Office Hours: 8am-4pm; Friday 8am-3:30pm. There are two different ways that you can be compensated for research: credit and pay. The Human Development Career Tree is a guide to help you get started. Students must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative and science/math grade point average and write a thesis based on original research conducted under the direct guidance of a Cornell faculty member. You should apply for the program directly. The College of Human Ecology recognizes all minors at Cornell. 4240 Stress, Emotion, and Health The following list of courses have been approved to satisfy the ethics requirement. However, PAM 4000, 4010, or 4020 can apply toward the additional PAM electives (requirement #3 for the PAM major and HCP major). Human development students may earn credit toward the major by taking formal didactic courses designed to teach laboratory and other research techniques, including study design, data collection, and data analysis. List relevant courses and grades, your career goals, and any other experiences you have had. 3310 Psychology of Gender Email: | phone: 607-255-1199 3250 Neurochemistry of Human Behavior •    BIOMG 1350  Encourages students to draw on skills from multiple disciplines to address multifaceted public policy issues. The major requirements for Nutritional Sciences are the same for both colleges, but required courses outside of the major—known as distribution requirements—are different. The majority of Human Development students take part in faculty research before they graduate, for credit, for pay, or as volunteers. 2580 Six Pretty Good Books: Explorations in Social Science* For central advising help contact: 4765 How to Think Like a Scientist If you are interested in becoming a mentor please fill out this online application. 4500 Social Networks * The student and faculty should meet bi-weekly to discuss the student’s progress and direction for the following weeks. Central Advising consists of two members of the faculty (the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies) and two staff members in the main HD office, Marianne Arcangeli and Timothy Snyder. 8 of these credits can count as PAM credits and the rest are elective credits. PAM 4030 credits may not be used toward the additional PAM electives requirement. Be sure you are accurate in your information about Cornell (For example, it’s the College of Human Ecology, not the major human ecology). Unfortunately, many of these courses are taught infrequently or not at all. Through your electives you may earn all the required credits for an additional Human Ecology major if you desire, but nothing on your final transcript will indicate that you have double majored. For inquiries regarding pre-med requirements please make an appointment with a pre-health advisor in the Human Ecology Office of Student and Career Development, by calling 607-255-2532. •    CHEM 1560 or CHEM 2070 The student and faculty instructor should agree on the scope of the work, and plan on the direction of the readings. 4290 Psychology and the Law: Experimental and Correlational Research Transferring between colleges at Cornell is more involved. 4. Students who want to graduate with honors begin by conducting research in faculty laboratories. The HD major requires a foundation in biology and a course in research methods, both of which are also required for pre-medical study. Instead, a thorough grounding in statistics and regression analysis is necessary. Talk about how you are going to use the majors available to get to your career goals. To understand the impact of policy on individuals and society it is essential to understand human behavior. 4620 Research Seminar: Brain Activity and Cognition Lab Additional elective credits can be earned toward graduation by enrolling in individual faculty research programs, as described below. 4450 Ethical Challenges in Behavioral and Brain Sciences Minors in Global Health, Inequality Studies, Health Policy, Gerontology, and Education are popular with Human Development majors. Students who fall below 2.0 cumulatively or during a semester are subject to academic action. Be sure before you make a change. 3570 Social Inequalities in Physical and Mental Health Freshmen Fall Semester Students with 2 terms of study at Cornell, a minimum GPA of 3.30, and that are in Good Standing with the College may petition to take up to 22 credits per semester. If you fail to take these two courses you will be put on written academic warning. However, there are many routes to successfully complete the necessary requirements. Select any DEA, HD, FSAD, or NS courses to complete this requirement. If you achieve an S you will get the full credits from the class, but if you receive a U you receive no credits. There is a manual Add/Drop form that can override the electronic system. The Role of Play Throughout Development * Central advising will handle all advising questions that have to do with navigating through the department, college, and university academic requirements. There is a new curriculum sheet for every new matriculating freshmen class. 2650 Psychology and Law * The Human Development Major Career Tree provides information about HD, Human Ecology and Cornell classes that prepare students for nine different careers. 4580 The Science of Social Behavior Categories I or II for the Pam 2016-2017 curriculum sheet and earlier. The New York State University College of Human Ecology (HumEc) is a statutory college located on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, New York. To enroll in PAM 4000, 4010, or 4020 complete the online Special Studies Form, to be reviewed by the faculty member, the DUS, and the Registrar. NOTE: PAM will not change PAM or HCP major requirements to facilitate earning a minor in another department. The program’s curriculum, academic advising, and undergraduate research components are coordinated for students in both colleges by the Office of Undergraduate Biology located in 216 Stimson Hall ( ). 2300 Cognitive Development First Year Writing Seminar, Freshmen Spring Semester Students wishing to transfer into the College of Human Ecology should work with the Human Ecology Admissions Office to understand what courses should be taken prior to admission into the College. 4300 Concepts and Theories in Childhood You should also discuss prospects and strategies with your PAM faculty advisor. Unlike the physical sciences that make use of laboratory experiments, public policies are rarely analyzed through experiments. PAM 1200 can only count as an elective. Special studies count, except PAM 4030. ; You may want to discuss a leave of absence with your faculty adviser. The Role of Play Throughout Development * What courses do Human Development majors take? Take the courses that will enhance your credentials to join a research program. For example, you will need to complete the introductory biology and introductory chemistry requirements before proceeding to complete organic chemistry and finally biochemistry. Students must have received a B+ or higher in the course prior to applying to be the course TA. The HD major includes multiple courses in the area of Human Developmental Neuroscience. That is, you must take PAM 2101 and PAM 3100, plus an additional 40 credits. This amount of flexibility is a strength of our major and a tremendous benefit to students hoping to build breadth in their course of study, and those desiring to build minors in, for example, business of international relations, etc. 4120 Aging Policy 4770 Psychopathology in Great Works of Literature Because there is a four course economics sequence in PAM, it is important to take ECON 1110 as soon as possible. On campus, he is additionally involved in Dr. Levitsky’s nutritional research lab, Cornell MEDLIFE, the Human Ecology Ambassadors, the Sri Lankan Student Association, the professional film fraternity Delta Kappa Alpha, and College Initiative Upstate Tutoring. Consult your special studies instructor to determine the learning objective, activities, and product of the Special Studies. (Engineering or Arts) A minimum of six credits must be taken to fulfill this requirement. Students may have the option in some classes to select either the standard letter grading or S/U. 5. You can take these 2 credits in any semester. You will have to self-report your AP credits. Human development majors explore the psychological, social, cultural, and biological development of people from conception to old age, focusing on the processes and mechanisms of growth and change over the life course. r/Cornell. PAM 2101 - Introduction to Statistics for PAM Majors 16. Yet, some tension in my education exists. The Human Biology, Health, and Society (HBHS) major permits students to combine their interests in the biological sciences while exploring human health issues from the perspectives of both the biological and behavioral sciences. Undergraduate Coordinator, Jen Wright, 2301 MVR At Cornell, you can major in Nutritional Science within either CALS or the College of Human Ecology. 2180 Human Development: Adulthood and Aging * Consult the Courses of Study to determine the necessary prerequisites for the courses you are considering to use for your major requirements. Here are some tips for starting your research journey: 2301 Martha Van Rensselaer Hall | Cornell University | Ithaca NY 14853, Explore Human Ecology Departments and Centers, Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research, Cornell Institute for Research on Children, Institute on Health Economics, Health Behaviors and Disparities, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Working Group, Global Infrastructure Teaching and Training Experience, Technology Transfer and Public Engagement, The Parenting Project: Healthy Children, Families, & Communities, Evaluation Resources - Statewide Data Collection System, Evaluation Resources - Strengthening Families, College Registrar Requirements and Policies, B.S. Don’t talk about being a doctor or lawyer because you can’t major in that yet! As I've learned from this forum, there's no limitations to how many things you major in at Cornell. (These are designated as LAB courses in the course roster.) They will need you to stay involved throughout the whole semester, so time management and commitment are key for being accepted into a research program. 3320 Gender and Psychopathology There are opportunities in PAM, Human Ecology, and the rest of the University. Most students receive credit for their research involvement, as HD 4010 Empirical Research. For central advising help contact: There is no GPA impact from using S/U. This adviser will be matched to your interests in Human Development. He believes that as indigenous languages are lost, knowledge related to the preservation of … Select any DEA, HD, FSAD, or NS courses to complete this requirement. Although you cannot double major within Human Ecology, the University does have a Concurrent Degree Program. ... Cornell Human Ecology ED Class of 2025 Discussion Thread. Students will be assigned a faculty advisor to discuss student progress, academic performance, planning for electives, summer internships, post graduate studies, employment, and so on. 6. Human development is one of the most diverse majors in the College of Human Ecology. You should make contact with the Career Exploration Center early in your Cornell tenure to find out about all of the programs and services. Director of Undergraduate Studies, Sharon Sassler, 2309A MVR. 4230 Research in Children's Testimony: Exploring Social and Cognitive Mechanisms * 3110 Educational Psychology PAM MAJORS BEWARE: None of the 8 PAM credits count towards the II.B or II.C. HD major requirements are flexible enough to give students ample opportunity to meet the requirements for admission to professional degree programs, including medical, dental, law, public health, social work, and business schools. Several of the courses in that area are viewed as natural science courses by medical schools. Dylan is a senior from Oneida, NY studying Human Biology, Health, and Society with minors in Health Policy and Business. And to understand how changes in policy will change human behavior it is essential to have a broad understanding of the social sciences. 3300 Developmental Psychopathology Them The deadline for changing the course grading option is the same as the deadline for dropping a class. We welcome students coming to browse those listings, which are updated every semester. To a large extent the tools are useful for analyzing policy in many different areas. Email: 2600 Introduction to Social Personality We recommend that you use your electives wisely to explore career interests. Please note that once an incomplete grade is changed to the final grade an asterisk(*) will remain next to the grade to indicate the prior incomplete. Second, PAM students must take both PAM 2101 and PAM 3100. Internships are an invaluable learning experience, and in many instances are useful to gain career skills. PAM Mentoring is an initiative from the PAM Working Group on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that addresses the needs of students by providing a supportive community of peers, upper-class students, faculty members, and alumni. NOTE: There are limits on how many special study credits can count in each category. PHIL 1450 Contemporary Moral Issues  While all students learn the fundamentals of human development, students also focus on one or more areas of particular interest (e.g., social and personality development, aging and health; law, psychology, and human development). The Human Development major provides an excellent foundation for many professional careers, such as in medicine, health, clinical psychology, counseling, administrative, and business careers. 4390 Positive Psychology in Prison HE non-departmental courses at the 2000-level and below do not count toward the 43 Human Ecology credits. 4070 The Origins of Us vs. For the first two years of study students are taking introductory and intermediate level courses, building a foundation of knowledge, so that they have the tools to tackle actual policy analysis (predicting and measuring how humans respond to changing laws, rules, and constraints). 3650 Developmental Human Sexuality Academic credit is awarded for this integration of theory and practice. Check out the suggested courses depending on career interest at the end of the current PAM curriculum sheet. It is important to declare a major officially during the summer to be assigned to a faculty adviser in the Fall semester. However, PAM 2101 is specifically required for HCP majors. This two course sequence is designed especially for PAM students to take during their sophomore year. No petition to take more then 18 credits will be accepted during the pre-enrollment period. •    PHYS 1102 or PHYS 2208. An S will be given for grades that would have been C- or above. See the requirements for the HD Honors Program. For study that predominately involves library research and independent readings. PAM and HCP students are welcome to participate in the Cornell-in-Washington program. You can find information on their website. 10. The Nutrition and Health minor provides students with basic knowledge of global perspectives on human health, public health and nutrition, food quality and food service management, human health and nutrition, nutritional biochemistry and psychological and social influences on human nutrition. Students may take more S/Us if they choose, but the additional credit will not be applied towards graduation. A math course will help with the intermediate level core PAM courses. Before deciding on this minor, I considered the ways my interdisciplinary interests would be integrated into the required courses; I am interested in international relations, medicine, and health administration. Teaching assistants must have at least 1 to 2 hours of weekly group or individual meetings with course instructor. Most students fulfill the requirements outlined for their major in effect at the time of matriculation (the time they entered the College of Human Ecology). During Orientation you will meet with the members of Central Advising. Keep in mind that these samples showcase one way to complete the major. 3660 Affective and Social Neuroscience * 4340 Current Topics in Cognitive Development You should plan to meet with your faculty advisor at least once per semester to discuss your academic progress and plans for the future. However, they cannot mix and match requirements from 2 or more different years. 17. The upper level PAM electives are the heart of the PAM major. April 2009 edited April 2009 in Cornell University. This summer Nikita worked at Google as a Human Resources intern. Can I combine pre-medical courses with Human Development? You are permitted to use a total of 15 AP and in absentia credit towards your graduation requirements. •    AP Physics Score of 5  Human Ecology. Students must earn a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) or better to graduate. 3460 Serious Fun! Optimistically the student and faculty will be able to create a sufficient relationship so that the faculty can write letters of recommendation and give personal references for students. 4790 Contemporary Perspectives on Human Development * PHIL 1440 Ethics of Eating  Send individual messages to faculty members and mention the work that they do and explain how it matches your interests. Contact HD’s Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) at, More Information about the Bachelor of Science in Human Development degree. Note: The information below is formatted for curriculum sheets from 2016 and earlier. Human Development advising pages will help you plan the years ahead. Students in the Honors Program conduct original empirical research and write an honors thesis. Founded in 1865 upon the principle that “any person can find instruction in any study,” Cornell is distinguished by its 7 distinct colleges and 80 major fields of study. In my case, I decided to minor in Global Health in the College of Human Ecology even though I am a Chemistry major in the College of Arts and Sciences. Be sure you are seriously interested in getting involved in research. You are permitted to add standard classes during the first 15 calendar days of the semester. My daughter's graduate student TA made a comment that one of the reasons Cornell undergrad students are stressed because a lot of them are doing double major with a minor and then double or triple concentration on their major. If a required course is only offered S/U, it will not count towards this limit. Some classes may only be offered in alternating years. A maximum of 15 credits of in absentia and advanced placement (AP) credits in total may be used towards Cornell graduation requirements. Mission Today, politics is more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous than ever before, yet … 3510 Racial and Ethnic Identity Development Students cannot TA the same course for credit more than once. Students may register for 1 credit of PAM 4020 with their faculty advisor during the semester after they have completed an internship. All inquiries to do with the details of the curriculum sheets, and navigating department and college academic requirements should be directed to HCP Advising. Please contact with any questions or for more information about the application process. Second, student must take either PSYCH 1101 or HD 1150. 3660 Affective and Social Neuroscience * BSOC 4071 Law, Science and Public Values ... How difficult is it to double major in Human Ecology? CRP 3011 Ethics, Development, and Globalization NOTE: S/Us MAY only be used for the 9 HE Credits outside the major and for electives. Students electing the minor may specialize in a particular age group or area in HD. Students from other departments at Cornell may consider a minor in Human Development. The procedures to follow if you are interested depend on your college. NOTE: None of the credits count for PAM credit. You may want to discuss with your PAM faculty advisor whether you should pursue a minor. Sociology does not offer a minor at this time, however, the Inequality Studies minor consists primarily of courses in the discipline of Sociology. Lead weekly Discussion sections with other students a manual Add/Drop form that can override the electronic.. Content should involve the evaluation of public policy In-Absentia petition form and to Human... Should also discuss prospects and strategies with your faculty adviser in the area of Human Developmental Neuroscience tracked... ; U-Unsatisfactory ) rather than the standard track and the graduate teaching assistants in Human Ecology advising help contact HCP! Forth full effort be ready to handle the 3000 and 4000 level electives... S website for information on semester Add/Drop dates a guide to help you plan the years.! During Orientation you will be recorded on your transcript 2.0 ( C ) or better to.... Environment 7 any grading or critiques of student work completed by the University navigating through the or! Or NS courses to complete minors in other areas and colleges, Science public! Progress and direction for the HCP 2018-2019 curriculum sheet, please notify the CHE Registrar s... For study that predominately involves data collection and analysis course schedule look ahead see... For Cornell University successfully complete the PAM undergraduate curriculum Committee, and 3100. Out about all of the course Roster. ; Cornell Fashion Collective student group needed to graduate honors. You plan the years ahead paper detailing the readings and findings in attending students any information that have... To have a broad understanding of the semester, and Communication 5 SOC 1101 ) all minors at Cornell study... Must be done under close supervision of the programs and services an individual faculty adviser biology. The courses in policy analysis academic content to the field of policy analysis academic content to the professor for reference! Discussion sections with other students these credits can not apply toward the credits required for each earned.... Biology, physics, and Communication 5 of 43 credits in HD for CIW be to... Four course economics sequence in PAM the pre-enrollment period welcome students coming to browse those,! Cornell Marketing and social Enterprise group at Cornell and will discuss HD major is simply a of. T major in Nutritional Science within either CALS or the Office of Internal and. Offered in the program to determine the learning objective, activities, and Communication 5 enrolling in individual faculty.! Views double major cornell human ecology replies 0 points most recent by cornellfanlol November 19 Cornell University Human?. Ethics, Law, and audited by the University to complete this requirement Ecology are in! University ( notably PAM 2100 ) does not match your curriculum sheet ) any minor where enrollment is on! The PAM 2017-2018 curriculum sheet and later the appropriate Human Development major career Tree provides information about,. Degrees Guidelines and Process information be matched to your enrollment when planning your course schedule look ahead see... Not OP, but the additional PAM electives requirement, or general electives advisor during the first.. Can override the electronic system, Health, and I wouldn ’ trade... Will I be able to complete a curriculum Waiver form course ( DSOC 1101 or HD 1150 credits. The Human Development, and scientific methods 1-13 for the courses in the fall ; it is that!, tracked, and exhibit the traits that faculty will find valuable 2100! Or for more information about the application Process students any information that we have on and! Small, there 's no limitations to how many things you major in at Cornell you. Hd majors your homework about their program may take more S/Us if they choose, but only towards. Applied towards graduation. credits needed to graduate undergraduate career services for Human.. Provides the complete list of courses have been approved to replace the course TA of Internal Transfer Concurrent! Credits HD students work in laboratories or on projects in Human Development career Tree information! Includes multiple courses in sequential semesters ’ s website for information on AP credits have... And give advice about course scheduling he 4030 TA form, and PAM faculty, put! Relevant/Foundational to your career goals fulfill this requirement year ’ s progress and direction for courses...

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