navy diver competitive pst scores


Additional information about Navy EOD School can be found at US Navy EOD School Website Minimum PST. Elite divers that are set apart from other Navy communities ; Exposure to cutting edge technology and equipment ; Excellent Pay. In addition to normal pay allowances, Divers receive incentive pay to include: $1000 if member passes PST in Boot Camp. $ 2000 for elevated PST scores. Navy Diver/EOD Physical Standards Test Minimum Scores Competitive Scores 500 yard swim: (see Note) 12:30 Min. 10 Min. The Physical Screening Test (PST) is your entry exam to the Navy SEAL Teams, you have to ace this first, then get through BUD/s and SQT, but it is your first step nonetheless. The Navy SEAL + SWCC Scout Team identifies and engages high-quality potential SEAL and SWCC candidates, informs them of a career in Naval Special Warfare, and assists them with the recruiting process. I was a US Navy diver and left the service a few years before the first female was certified as a second class diver in the mid-1970s. - NOTE: Enlisted applicants must have their PST scores administered by the SEAL + SWCC Scout Team or certified by their Commanding Officer. PST should be conducted within 3 months of package submission and shall be within 6 months in order to ensure an accurate representation of the candidates physical status. - initially tried for SEAL, had a change of heart and I'm very happy with my current contract.) Navy Diver Deep Sea Diving and Salvage Operations and Training - These skilled divers are specialists in recovering and/or repairing Navy ships and equipment. The PST I can pass, though probably not with what would be considered a particularly competitive score. The Navy Diver Rating Information Card states that advancement opportunities are at an all-time high with future outlook looking good for growth. EOD (Navy Diving and Explosives Ordnance Disposal) dismantle and render safe unexploded ordnance to include underwater mines, land mines, and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). Naval Special Operations: . The Computerized Special Operations Resilience Test (C-SORT) in combination with Physical Screening Test (PST) scores are required to classify Special Warfare Operator (SO) candidates into FY-2010 and beyond. Below are four recent PST takers and their scores throughout what I call the 22 events of the Navy SEAL PST. Candidates may also volunteer for ND during basic training at Recruit Training Center, at A-school, or at any time during their enlistment prior to their 31st birthday. (I've been taking the PST for 4 months now, just got picked up for Navy EOD yesterday. From what I understand, it depends on how many spots are available for Divers nationwide and when your PST scores are put into the monthly draft. Navy Divers enjoy the same benefits as do all Navy personnel, such as the opportunity to travel the world, unlimited opportunities for learning and advancement, and control over their career. Rest ­ ­ Push­ups (2 min) 50 80­100 Diving was a secondary rating in those days. In-service recruiters (Dive Motivators) at RTC give presentations on the Navy's diver programs, conduct the physical training screening tests, and assist interested people with their applications. Below are four recent PST takers and their scores throughout what I call the 22 events of the Navy SEAL PST. **Active Duty Only** 3. Physical Screening Test SEAL SWCC EOD Diver AIRR; Swim 500 yards (450 M) – breaststroke or sidestroke [in minutes] 12:30: 13:00: 12:30: 12:30: 12:00* REST: 10 MINUTES; Push-ups 09:15 Min. Determining the Eligibility of a Special Warfare Operator (SO) Candidate.

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