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100% Entertainment back in the days, with Xiao Gui Huang Hong Sheng, Xiao Zhu Luo Zhi Xiang and Sister Butterfly Jian Kai Le. Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu become fast friends and decide the only way to heal is get really, really drunk: thus ensues 24 hours of madness that ends with their elopement. Rainie Yang sends a message to bid farewell to her first love Huang Hongsheng: I will let go of my sadness! The ghost controls the heart demon, and the death crisis ambushes The Sealer tomorrow at 18:00! Li Ronghao gave her 3 hugs | Luju Bar. The cause of death is yet to be confirmed and the source includes that it will be revealed at a later date. The photo was the only hand-drawn picture of her and the little ghost that were public on the same stage. ". Since the death of the little ghost, Rainie Yang has frequently posted on social media to mourn the little ghost, attracting most of the focus. Rainie Yang and Xiao Gui are perhaps the purest "ex-lovers" in the entertainment industry. So sad the last photo of him with GuiGui for Variety Show pic.twitter.com/1YG2mHqh6n, My god Rest In Peace my idol #huanghongsheng #Xiaogui #alienhuang #黃鴻升 pic.twitter.com/HwhFxGGPIq. Taiwanese singer-actor Alien Huang (黄鸿升) aka Xiao Gui (小鬼) has passed away at age 36, according to Apple Daily's report posted today. They must suffer several times more pain than me… It’s good to see the media report on him… Very pleased because he really worked very hard…”. He said he doesn't mind if they turn the acting into something real, "Am more concerned that if they get together or if they break up, everyone will come ask me about it, I don't want to be pushed into this forming a 3 way relationship." So far, this year has been plagued by a great deal of tragedy and it’s taught many of us to cherish what we have. I am very pleased to see you for the last time today. Fans of Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman were recently heartbroken over his tragic passing at the age of 43 and this year has also seen the loss of Dame Diana Rigg, Toots Hibbert, Olivia de Havilland, Ennio Morricone and more. "[Xiao] Gui, apologies for not meeting you more often, but thank you for taking care of me and Gui Gui on the set of 'Mysterious Incredible Terminator.'" In the early morning of September 26, after sending the little ghost's last journey to Yuyu, she posted pictures and posts on social networking sites. Rainie Yang has honoured Alien Huang on Instagram in the wake of news of his passing. More tributes continue to surface on social media. Rainie Yang has been diligently filming yet the people are still putting the attention on her relationship. Xu Weining, Xiaogui and Rainie Yang are all classmates of Huagang Art School, and they are good friends with each other. I’m glad that we both expressed our love and care to each other appropriately. Rainie Yang and Xiao Gui are perhaps the purest "ex-lovers" in the entertainment industry. Hongsheng is like family to me, I really can’t accept this news. You must continue to shine on your planet, and everyone will remember you forever. I won’t pretend I’m fine because it can’t be good, it can’t be okay. ★★★★★★★★★★ 歡迎所有喜歡黃鴻升(小鬼)的朋友加入哦!!! ive just found out that rainie yang and xiao gui (show luo's co-host in 100% entertainment/yu le bai fen bai) dated for 2 and a half years back … I would also spend so many hours watching old episodes of 100% Entertainment on Youtube. ... Alien, who was also known as Xiao Gui, was found dead at the age of 36 in his home on September 16. Little Ghost’s first love girlfriend Rainie Yang went to the Little Ghost’s mourning hall twice, and this time also appeared in the cremation ceremony of the little ghost’s body. In other news, where was The Devil All the Time filmed? In fact, Chen Yu often posts, but because she is not as famous as Rainie Yang, she is ignored. Picture: Instagram ... Taiwanese news outlets reported that Mr Huang (nickname Xiao Gui… Yang Cheng Lin (Chinese: 楊丞琳; pinyin: Yáng Chénglín, born June 4, 1984 in Taipei, Taiwan), also known as Rainie Yang, is an actress, singer, and host. Taiwanese singer, actor, and television presenter, Alien Huang, also known as Xiao Gui to many fans, passed away yesterday (16/9) at the age of 36. She played Xiao You in the television dramas, Meteor Garden and Meteor Rain, both in 2001. In short: After Rainie Yang updates social media, Yu Chen will definitely update. ★★★★★★★★★★ 這邊是粉絲專頁不是官方的哦! Rainie Yang berkabung atas meninggalnya Xiao Gui Alien Huang : Saya tidak bisa menggambarkan betapa sakitnya saya. Rainie Yang mourned the passing of Xiao Gui Alien Huang: I can’t describe how sick I was. More admirers, fans, friends and family have headed over to Twitter to pay their respects. The group's popularity in the musical industry achieved limited success. The one who showed up with her was Terry Xu. As a child, he frequently … The procuratorate decided to arrest Xu Gui, Xiao Zheng, Yang Xianglai, and Lei Yu according to law 2020-12-25T09:35:26.423Z Chinanews.com, December 25. Fans of Taiwanese singer Alien Huang are currently mourning a great loss, as Today Online reports that he has passed away at 36…. Rainie Yang cannot get over the fact that Alien Huang is gone. After the death of the little ghost, Li Ronghao immediately released his Weibo to mourn the little ghost. While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected families across the globe, it has also been a year in which we’ve sadly said goodbye to a number of famous faces. On the day of September 25, Yu Yu showed up in the cremation ceremony of the imp corpse on time. Rainie Yang Leads the Parade of TW-stars Paying Visit to Alien Huang’s Memorial on the First Day of Service Posted on September 19, 2020 by ockoala I can’t fault the hordes of media stationed outside the memorial location for deceased singer-actor Alien Huang (Xiao Gui), it’s the biggest entertainment news on the island and remains such a shocker. Yu Yu recalled the process of their acquaintance and love, saying that the little ghost is the best love, but separated in unexpected circumstances and still can't believe it. 100% Entertainment was what brought me to the world of t-drama and eventually, c-drama. with Zhang Yi Xing , Sun Honglei , Huang Lei , Huang Bo and Wang Xun. Many have expressed their distress and shock regarding the news, as he shared a brief video of him feeding his dog 24 hours before the news was delivered. If there is no epidemic, Li Ronghao will definitely fly to Taiwan and give Rainie Yang a hug. Alien Huang Xiao Gui passed away.. too sudden… omg, i still see him being so bright on taiwan variety shows.. [trending] Taiwanese actor, host and musician, #HuangHongsheng / #AlienHuang has passed away at age of 36, according to Taiwanese media reports. In 2015, he joined the famous Chinese variety show Go Fighting! RIP and condolences to family and friends ️ pic.twitter.com/Vi2LWRUvCE. Thank you for everything you have brought us. Rainie Yang Rainie Yang, Jacky Wu, Alyssa Chia, Gary Chaw and more were seen heading to the memorial hall on the first two days of the late star's wake. After the premiere of Bomb Disposal Experts 2, the audience continued to receive praise: Bombs cannot be bombed, the movie is too bombed! 2010-01-02 Rainie Yang's Fan Meeting Xiao Gui seems annoyed that he couldn't get into Rainie and Xiao Zhu's world It was so cute when Xiao Zhu looked at Rainie and said "Zhi Xiang ai … Today Online reports that news of Alien Huang’s passing was confirmed by his manager on Wednesday, September 16th 2020. September 24 was the 60th birthday of Xiaogui’s father. {{#media.focal_point}}. Two strangers - Jie Xiu (Joseph Chang) and Lin Xiao Ru (Rainie Yang) - pop the question to their beaus, only to be rejected. ive just found out that rainie yang and xiao gui (show luo's co-host in 100% entertainment/yu le bai fen bai) dated for 2 and a half years back … RIP Xiao Gui Alien Huang 鬼哥 why so suddenly? “I said ‘We are not just appearing in each other’s youth, we have been appearing in each other’s stages, of course, including the future’… I believe you will still be in the future… Thank you for being in my life. Preface: Taiwanese artist Xiaogui passed away on September 16, 2020 at the age of 37. I am very worried about the mood of [his] family. WE WELCOME EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO SUPPORT ALIEN HUANG (XIAO GUI)!!! In a recent Instagram post [see below], she honoured Alien’s memory, expressing [translated]: “…Thank you everyone for your concern. Wu Qingfeng Lucky for the first time to sing Ponyo on the Cliff to make 2020 happy ending, Disney Pixar“s Spirit of the Soul pre-sale is fully open, decrypt the best movies at the end of the year, Da Qin Fu brushes away the dust of history, vividly showing the Qin Sau and Liuhe, Hatsune Miku“s ListenING project opens the chapter of Lehang in the name of a new world, Maoyan“s global popularity | December 21, 2020 Ultimate Notes Cicada“s top online drama list. But now in the past, it was necessary to quarantine for 14 days; returning to the mainland, it still needs to be quarantined for 14 days, which is not cost-effective. She is well known for her work in television series, such asMeteor Garden, Devil Beside You, Hi My Sweetheart, and Life Plan A and B. We will be fine. In school, he met singer Rainie Yang and they dated for three years. Don't worry about it. Rainie Yang - 100% Singing Meet 楊丞琳百分百聽證會: Xiao Zhu, Xiao Gui: Rainie Yang: Remarks: Rainie and Xiao Gui performed a duet - Only Have Feelings For You (只對你有感覺) by Fahrenheit (feat Hebe) 4 November (Tuesday) 100% Entertainment King 百分百娛樂王: Xiao Zhu, Xiao Gui They remained good friends even after the breakup. feels that Yu Yu and Rainie Yang are a bit secretly competing! Alien Huang says sorry for causing Show Luo and Rainie Yang to break up. It’s a pity to lose you but we did not leave a trace of regret. Taoyu took the place of the Xiaogui and helped his father spend an unforgettable birthday. Tiffany Xu's eyes were red from crying, Rainie Yang was more calm. Xiao Gui’s ex-girlfriend, Yu Yu, went to Xiao Gui’s mourning hall for three consecutive days. Even if reporters photographed them together, they all thought they were innocent. ... Born in November 28 1983, Alien Huang is also known as Xiao Gui … Show Luo and Rainie Yang allegedly called off their romance for fear of hurting Alien’s feelings. {{#media.media_details}} In 2014, Show joined EMI Music Taiwan along with Rainie Yang and A-mei. Since young, Huang had possessed a knack for art. His manager has affirmed the news & will be releasing cause of death later in the day. Have something to tell us about this article? Preface: Taiwanese artist Xiaogui (Huang Hongsheng) passed away at home on September 16, 2020 at the age of 37. Even if reporters photographed them together, they all thought they were innocent. Now Rainie Yang is in Taiwan and Li Ronghao is in the mainland. It’s never easy to say goodbye to a celebrity you admire but it’s a time to appreciate what they’ve brought into your life, without ever even having known you. Chinese TV series rankings, Chinese TV series recommended. ive just found out that rainie yang and xiao gui (show luo's co-host in 100% entertainment/yu le bai fen bai) dated for 2 and a half years back when they were still studying..most posters on that foru My heart is broad. Xiaogui’s ex-girlfriend, Yuyu, went to the Xiaogui’s mourning hall for 3 consecutive days. The two have not seen each other for half a year. Li Ronghao's mind is not so big, the kid is Rainie Yang's first love boyfriend, but Rainie Yang and the kid are always allowed to come and go. Yang began her career in 2000 as a member of Taiwanese girl group 4 in Love, where she was given the stage name Rainie. In the early morning of September 26, after sending the little ghost's last journey to Yuyu, she posted pictures and posts on social networking sites. Xiao Gui's role is extremely embarrassing as he is Xiao Zhu's best friend and also an ex-lover of Rainie Yang. ! After the news came out, netizens, fans, and friends were both shocked and reluctant. Obviously, her body was overdrawn and two people needed to support her. He Had a Knack for Art. Discussion: Do you think Rainie Yang mourns the kid too much? Geez, I’ll always remember, and please remember hard work, seriousness. I will let go of my sadness and continue to live. Info Nama: 鬼鬼 / Gui Gui Profesi: Aktris, penyanyi dan Host Tanggal Lahir: 11 Agustus 1989 Tempat lahir: Keelung, Taiwan Gende... RAINIE YANG AND SHOW LOU "HEARTBEAT LOVE" Drama Pendek Heartbeat Love yang kembali mempertemukan Rainie Yang dengan Show Lou. and Li Ronghao replied to Rainie Yang immediately and gave her 3 hugs. https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2020/09/16/alien-huang-rainie-yang Taiwanese onscreen lovers and lead actors were rumoured to have dated each other on … The 36-year-old Taiwanese singer, actress and TV host dated Rainie Yang in the past but is now married to singer-songwriter Li Ronghao. At 7 pm on September 25th, Rainie Yang posted a message on Weibo to say goodbye to the little devil: "Bye bye Hongsheng and send you back to your planet. 14 talking about this. R.I.P Miss you forever 2020/9/16. September 25 is the 10th day that the little ghost left, and it was also the day when the little ghost's body was cremated. The crime suspense film Hunting Soul will be released on January 15th Zhang Zhen and Zhang Juning worked together to solve the crime, Di Renjie: Burning the Sky and Different Fires tells you that the anti-epidemic in ancient China was such a powerful group~, Shan Yichun emotionally sings the promotion song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, Fan Meng Shenlong Civilized Movie Watching laughs over the audience The movie The Wishing Dragon opens on New Year“s Day, Peng Yuyan meets his sister and Emergency Rescue returns to the filming location to pay tribute to ordinary heroes, Qing Ya Ji Wuhan Station Roadshow, the crew broke the news: Zhao Youting is in charge of dance, Qing Ya Collection Exposes Bo Ya Special Edition Deng Lun hangs the bleeding marks of Viale for seven days, Warm Hug issued the ultimate poster Chang Yuan Wang Zhi Zhengzhou Roadshow restores the compass method to make dumplings, The 13th episode of Di Renjie in the sky is introduced, The 15th episode of Tongtian Di Renjie plot introduction, The 17th episode of Tongtian Di Renjie plot introduction, The 18th episode of Tongtian Di Renjie plot introduction, Our best ten years of diversity plot introduction (1-40 episodes) finale, Introduction to Episode 2 of Our Best Decade, Introduction to Episode 3 of Our Best Decade. It is a very precious and beautiful memory. Of those mourning the 100% Entertainment host, a post from Rainie Yang has stood out over on Instagram. Photo from @aes_alien via Instagram His body was found in his home in Beitou District, Taipei. With Rainie Yang, Hsiao-chuan Chang, Wei-Ning Hsu, Chih-Chieh Ti.

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