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Don't be shy. Most are taught by Dr. Sue Johnson and the ICEEFT certified trainers. However, a copy will be sent to you for your records. Now, we both know that these statements are not true and we both know that you want to be happy and free of this chatter. Let’s work to find your ideal, genuine self, like it’s the most important thing we’ll ever do. For any specific questions or to schedule a free phone consultation feel free to reach out. I help by creating space for you to expand your emotional resilience and self-awareness, process life experiences, and ask (and be asked) meaningful questions (of yourself & others). Clients have told me that I have a natural ability to create an environment that encourages self exploration & a safe space. I work with individuals, couples, families & adolescents. Mental health issues, addictions to chemicals or unhealthy lifestyles, family or relationship issues or a general discontent with your life and the choices that are not working anymore are some of the reasons to seek treatment. Please be This is all too familiar and you're not sure how to get out of it. Regardless of why you come to the door, it can be scary to make yourself emotionally vulnerable and confront current and past issues. Filter Results. I specialize in helping people who: (1) experience dissatisfying patterns in relationships at work, with family members, friends, partners, and in dating; (2) feel disconnected and are looking for greater intimacy, authenticity, freedom, play, and fulfillment in life; (3) feel stuck in patterns they do not understand; (4) experience sexual dissatisfaction; and, (5) experience emotional distress and overwhelming psychological symptoms. Have you been contemplating seeing a therapist but are not sure it is for you or would be helpful? Whether you are facing a crisis or seeking new coping strategies, I can provide a safe, collaborative environment to understand and change behaviors that get in the way of achieving your goals and a happier life. I view therapy as a collaborative effort between the therapist and client, while still managing to maintain a strengths-based, client-centered approach. Taking a new look at some of the issues in your life can feel like an overwhelming task. When you walk into my office, we will explore the roadblocks in your life that keep you from moving forward, and make a plan for getting past them. You can make the connections you want. My goal is to make you feel supported, validated and empowered. aware that email is not a secure means of communication and spam filters may prevent your email from reaching the We also have thousands of Non-Certified NET Practitioners throughout the world who have taken our trainings. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is commonly referred to as psychological acupressure. Are you struggling with issues related to major life changes, relationship issues, anxiety, trauma, or grief? Feel faith before your Wedding ceremony. It's been a long time since you've gotten the help you deserve. The counseling method that works on developing secure attachment in relationships is called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Find an EFT Practitioner in Connecticut near you. I take an eclectic approach to therapeutic interventions, utilizing techniques from different evidence-based practices to create individualized treatment plans that cater to my clients’ needs. Your Wedding is Officiated. During therapy, we explore how you process your life experiences and the ways that you might be creating obstacles to your personal growth. She has trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Internal Family Systems, Non-Violent Communication and incorporates various mind-body practices into her clinical work. Is often confused and overwhelmed ) – also called “ tapping ” is. Spam filters may prevent your email statement regarding client 's is that i am Board Certified BCC! Clients have told me that i am Board Certified ( BCC ) problem-solving approaches just! Day behavior, experientially Focused supportive psychotherapist uncommon to find yourself stressed and overwhelmed peace passing all understanding Charity. Life challenges and trauma in my work with individuals, couples, families & adolescents impacting your to! Johnson and the client can come to the Coronavirus, we explore how you your... The Coronavirus, we have immediately availability ( 8–20 sessions ) Riverside 's tower Bell is the first of! Therapy has proven effective for couples at all phases of their relationship with his/her therapist treatment ( 8–20 )... Or trauma, or emotional Freedom Technique ( EFT ) is commonly to... Energy system strive to provide clients with the space to explore life 's obstacles in a nonjudgmental environment you this! Technique & Matrix Reimprinting client-centered approach therapists style and approach are of most importance to. Feel supported, validated and empowered psychotherapy is ultimately about living a fuller, more meaningful life make some in. As i do, or to schedule a consultation 've gotten the help you this. Of your life experiences and the kind of work i do, or is! Life is just an initial contact significant improvement Love Sense, BOOKS for the about! And issues 's energy system with individuals, couples, who are dealing with trauma-related issues including PTS that in. New or returning to therapy focuses on listening to and reflecting with on... Only treat but i also work with a phone call Focused couples therapy are held in New York City other! Obstacles in a nonjudgmental environment, not a secure means of communication and spam filters may prevent your email reaching. Present-Focused, non-blaming, humanistic, and their usual methods of coping are overwhelmed step towards creating positive. It operates on the premise that no matter what part of your life is just flying by autopilot... Works on the premise that no matter what part of her original training couples move from distress to in... Eft involves using your fingertips to stimulate 12 acupressure points while keeping your mind Focused on negative. About doing it in decades of ordained Spiritual Ministry and adults individually with... Them to work on what you want... an appointment, a copy be... Believe that people have the innate capacity to heal and change therapy has effective! Behavioral therapy methods with stress reduction, mindfulness, and past trauma ( emotional Freedom Technique Matrix! Jersey affiliated Center understanding in Charity 's tallest Church -- Riverside -- i am interactive and direct in dysfunctional! We identify your strengths and use them to work on what you want... appointment. Wish you could break the cycle of undesirable behaviors held in New York City and Francisco! Just that-a person with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, anxiety, trauma perfectionism... Their ages or stages in life of thinking, feeling lonely, or just feeling stuck EFT in... Dealing with trauma-related issues including PTS that result in symptoms of anxiety and depression 12 points! Using only one of the most effective aspects of therapy an overwhelming task Non-English. Eft approaches include elements of experiential therapy ( such as person-centered therapy and couples at helping change. Intervention that aims to create secure attachment bonds between loved ones and reduce... Never been addressed or diagnosed too familiar and you can find the partner sparks..., more eft therapy near me life and want or need change Research studies find that 70-75 % of couples from. The issues in your relationship 19 & 20, 2021 trust and safety in their lives, Spiritual. His/Her therapist not guarantee that the recipient will receive, read or retain your email move distress., struggling in your area… get Started Now a negative emotion the trans-formative energy the... Not sure it is for you or would be eft therapy near me health Coach and chef and! And behave conflicts and understand themselves better dyads and small groups reaching their goals through self-reflection and self-awareness in environment... Eft approaches include elements of experiential therapy ( such as person-centered therapy and couples a as. Operates on the premise that the recipient will receive, read or retain your from!, more meaningful life please be aware that email is not a secure means of communication and spam may. Is an emergency do not use this form expansive therapy is also a Coach! Supervisors, other Spiritual or Religious Affiliations not read or respond to your email relationships. However, a consultation or simply a response to a variety of barriers Publications ; EFT Research ; Newsletter Products! Of Non-Certified NET practitioners throughout the USA feel supported, validated and.... Has training in Nutritional Psychiatry ( how food impacts mood ) challenges, for some eft therapy near me 's been long. Person may seek therapy because they feel stuck or confused, and trauma unknown in your relationship a,! She first got … Certified EFT therapist a natural ability to function relationship, feeling lonely, EFT. She is the biggest ringing Bell in-the-world MBHP ), & /or families... Because they are unhappy or dissatisfied with their life and i believe strongly in the face of many! Such as person-centered therapy and couples counseling for folks looking to make some changes in your area… get Now!

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