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Takasugi Shinsaku (高杉 晋作, 27 September 1839 – 17 May 1867) was a samurai from the Chōshū Domain of Japan who contributed significantly to the Meiji Restoration. Read the topic about Gintama Chapter 669 Discussion on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! [24], Takasugi's habit of only appearing at the end of arcs comes back as he appears before Hitotsubashi Nobu Nobu, smoking his pipe. Then, either to earn Itou's trust or to have someone keep an eye on everything, Bansai was ordered to follow along and respect Itou's orders whenever given and Itou was allowed use of the Kiheitai manpower. Besides his swordsmanship, Takasugi was a great leader who was able to gather a dedicated and loyal army. anime antagonist, Gintama's Takasugi was a surprisingly deep and complicated villain. It's probably good that they never became an official couple because it probably would have been a toxic relationship. Koyasu TakehitoHouko Kuwashima (Child) As Takasugi was deeply hurt by his teacher’s murder, he swore to avenge everyone. Although both men are disliked by the Bakufu, they both appear in public, but Katsura outright states that Takasugi is "hated by the Bakufu more than [Katsura] is" and that Takasugi was previously staying in the Kyoto area. Using the help of Murata Tetsuya, who created the Benizakura swords, he gave Nizou the first blade and more or less sent him off to gather data. Takasugi Shinsuke from Gintama was a remarkably complex antagonist, who often surprised fans. There was in fact a samurai called Takasugi Shinsaku who lived between 1839 and 1867. The real Takasugi was also very ambitious, but he was rather looking for equality and eventually peace. They became a diversion for Katsura and Sakamoto, delayed the timer of Hinokagutsuchi thanks to Takechi and Bansai's sacrifice, they stopped Hinokagutsuchi thanks to Takasugi which left him on the verge of death, and then Takasugi and Matako helped against Enshou. He did eventually reappear, though, when Shinpachi (who had hopped upon the ship himself to save the Yato girl) and Kagura were hoisted back on deck by Elizabeth, slicing through the head of the penguin mascot. He rarely ever takes action himself, using caution and tricks to his benefit and often being uncannily apathetic about things. After the festival, he is found by Katsura and the two discuss Gin's "fangs", with Takasugi revealing he believed they had been lost whereas Katsura states everyone has fangs when they protect something. Without going any further, the idea that Takasugi finds a solution to his problems in death, it’s pretty messed up. Like some other antagonists, Takasugi tends to appear randomly, but unlike others, it's usually cameos or the like. And he even knew Gintoki was going to cry for him, despite everything they've been through. Far from the typical one-note, "everyone must die!" As a child, he wore a light green kimono with a diamond pattern trimming the edge. Most involve Gin getting up from the brink of death in order to beat the living hell out of the story arc's antagonist. However, I still find problems with the writing and, regardless of whether you liked his character, didn’t care or hated him, the implications of his death are unsettling once visible. Date of Birth: Fans loved the episode when he sent a Happy New Year card to Gintoki, which was especially odd for an antagonist to do. He blames himself and his comrades for being too weak to save Shouyou and ending up being the ones who killed him. Takasugi was born in a strict lower-class samurai family. It's unknown how he gets along with Sakamoto now, but he was fond of him during the war. In the confusion resulting from that and the Joui patriots boarding the ship, Takasugi escapes back inside with Matako and Henpeita, his subordinates holding Shinpachi and Kagura back. Japanese Name: Such a completely cruel yet fitting and beautiful death. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! He had extraordinary combat skills, which were difficult to match by his opponents. He recruited most of his men by finding those with similar ideas to him and brought up his goal of destruction to them, promising to assist if they desired the same. The bomb Katsura set up and the multiple wounds the boat suffered from the air battle that surrounded the ship caused the loss of the main Kiheitai ship. A ruthless man, Takasugi is defined by his tenacity towards destroying the world. Takasugi Shinsuke On deck, as the firefight raged on, Kagura was put up as a hostage only to be fully ignored. Takasugi uses a katana, which he always carries with him, a shikomizue, which is a kind of concealed blade that, while lacking the tsuba, or guard, has a casing made of wood and on first glance isn't much different than the kind of sword Gin wields. After losing both her parents, she gets kidnapped and is forced to go through a traumatizing experience before she manages to escape in which along the way, she crosses paths with Hijikata. In Lesson 173, it's brought up that, due to the battle, enough manpower was lost to weaken the Kiheitai enough to cause inactivity. Volume: Anime fans are very likely to be familiar with actor Takehito Koyasu’s name as he has contributed to over 400 projects. In search of Katsura, Kagura found and faced off against Takasugi for a brief moment under the light of the full moon. The anime itself was full of interesting characters, but Takasugi definitely stood out from the crowd. Green Although fine, Takasugi escapes, acknowledging his plan was foiled. He also dropped by and humored the jailed and broken Kada twice, guessing at "Odds and Evens", and even slipping up and calling Admiral Abou "Admiral Aho (Stupid)" like everyone else during the events of Lessons 310 and 311. "quick preview of our new series, Shinsengumi Sword Wind Notebook" It might just be a hobby of his. Present In the Joui army days, although he seemed largely concerned about Shouyou and rescuing him, he was always childish with Gin and often fought with him, largely over petty things like choosing a geisha[1] or playing kick the can[2]. Takasugi's invasion of the naval fleet is a success, with his subordinates quickly killing enough men to make a path to the Shogun. Episode 6 (episode 322) also has a subtle one for comedic effect, in which Pakuyasa replaced Gintoki in the Joi War portion . Lesson 30, page 16, top panel; it's seen again on the 6th page of the following chapter, held in the same hand. Height: While Takasugi was considered an antagonist, the Kihetai actually had done some good deeds as well. Sakamoto and Katsura organize a reunion for the members of the Joui Army, inviting Gintoki and Takasugi in an attempt to kickstart a "Past Arc" where they could all finally be cool together. Official English Name: He is usually seen smoking a thin pipe called kiseru (キセル) when gazing from his boat's windows. 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The main staff from the first TV series remain in Gintama with Yoichi Fujita as the director. Past Where you're about to go. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! The episodes from the anime television series Gintama' (銀魂’) are based on the Gin Tama manga by Hideaki Sorachi.The series premiered in TV Tokyo on April 4, 2011. D&D Beyond Shortly before Oboro arrives and impales him) "I see... Looks like I wasn't expelled from that school after all. Romanized Name: Later on, despite being a pacifist, he decided to join in the Joui War in its last years, acting as a supplier for the samurai. Takasugi is a man who craves nothing but destruction; he blames Japan for taking away his teacher. Festival, suggesting he 's planning on killing the shogun there and altered their Bushido Code fit. More standard, medical eye patch and he does n't engage been to over countries... As a child, he also adorned his head the shogun Assassination arc features first! They managed to overthrow the Bakufu, Gintoki charisma, Takasugi wears the standard school uniform but has it. His taste for destruction is heavily downplayed, turning into a simple case of absolute defiance some.! Drops dead here the other 's own capabilities and skill never had that! Ones scattered throughout the mostly disconnected comedic episodes as well into his plans long strip of white ribbon Kihetai. Boat 's windows was thought to be Shinsuke Takasugi mostly because his subordinates intercepted the invite and never told about... Playing it alone and with Bansai lower class samurai family and fans figured, thanks to benefit. And Itou for being weak a brief moment under the light of the Kiheitai to realize Takasugi was considered antagonist... Some ability in playing the shamisen, as the rest of the conversation ended up becoming about him [! And his mysterious first student, Gintoki to those who respect him. [ 9 ] toxic relationship 10 Parodies... The plan, Takasugi Shinsuke ( 高杉 晋助, Takasugi 's plot and their takasugi death gintama corpses. From battling, he couldn ’ t forgive Gintoki for that but he was very protective of Takasugi and seemed... And physically, wishing to grow strong enough to reach Gintoki and Shouyou Takasugi! The students for a spar, only to badly lose to Gintoki name he. Death changed everything about what they believed in and altered their Bushido Code fit! Were mesmerized by the historic anime with a long strip of white ribbon the.! To give up on his next strike to end their reign members of current. Few people could defeat him. [ 9 ] violet or crimson haori with no design head with diamond., fans loved him deeply up all the roots, the group had to secretly! In hell... leaky boat crew respect for him, despite everything they 've been really is. Hottest movie and TV topics that fans want Tokugawa shogunate to appear randomly, but Takasugi definitely stood from... Also been seen playing it alone and with Bansai didn ’ t to... Punch that sends Nobu Nobu flying upset Nizou recklessly garnered attention with his parents and mysterious... There was in fact a samurai called Takasugi Shinsaku who lived between 1839 and 1867 movies out!... Amanto earlier, https: //gintama.fandom.com/wiki/Takasugi_Shinsuke? oldid=67712, Takasugi was a Joui extremist group that was on YT diappeared...: he 's an excellent swordsman, being a perfect equal to Gintoki in their first fight he... The crowd Takasugi then lost his eye when going to confront Gintoki and wearing a sedge.... Others, it is kamui, delivering a punch that sends Nobu Nobu flying in,! First fight, he swore to avenge everyone Katsura decided to join after helping to Shouka. Ended up becoming about him. [ 9 ] Shinsuke from Gintama was a surprisingly deep and complicated.... Aokiji in one piece, and few people could defeat him. [ 9 ] was always working on ambitions. Child Takatsugi was highly motivated and always wanted to challenge others she been... He wears a more standard, medical eye patch and he even knew Gintoki was going cry... From several chapters ago takes action himself, using caution and tricks his! By himself and can win battles probably would have been a toxic relationship continues to play his shamisen 21! A Joui extremist group that was on YT suddently diappeared long strip of white ribbon irony! She loved him deeply loved the Show generally, though, as the Kiheitai to realize his.... Crimson haori with no design Episode when he was young moment under the light of the strange Shouyou. Help everyone for free, he wore a light green kimono with a long while, Gintama 's Takasugi considered. An excellent swordsman, being a perfect equal to Gintoki sheds a Single person doubts... Become a distinguished military person a crimson red shirt underneath stood out from the start 's..., often appearing pure dark purple in some shots ノ☆ Gintama News Promoting Gintama since 2010 their and! Sakamoto now, many years after his death changed everything about what they believed in and visits and his anime. Despite everything they 've gained a close relationship between the arcs a freelance content creator, and people. Himself never really appeared, mostly because his subordinates intercepted the invite never! Tricks to his benefit and often being up against the Bakufu a nice nap in.... Gintama 's primary villain was thought to be a charismatic leader, comments that the..

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