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It does not cool the whole room. Don't get me wrong, the fan works very well and as advertised. This is an extremely quiet unit. Find us around the world >> MORE VORNADO… Where can I have it repaired? Purchased in January 2019 at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores for A$120.00. So, sadly, I have to bin it. I like that it has a fan-only mode I can use for white noise even when I don't need the heat. Our reviewers have provided detailed ratings for important factors to consider when choosing a refrigerator or dishwasher, such as Noise Level and Internal Layout. It really circulates the air in the room really well. Reviewed in the United States on November 14, 2020, Great little heater but it is noisier than heck nothing like the other Varnado's I got would not buy again don't recommend it very noisy, Reviewed in the United States on February 4, 2018. I like the "tip over" switch - in case the unit is knocked over it shuts off. This fan is no different too a 50$ fan from big w or kmart. Like Insurance companies, judge them when something goes wrong. Verified Purchase. According to reviewers, the most appealing quality of this Vornado model is that it’s a powerful fan that does what it claims and circulates air swiftly around a room. Register now and take advantage of ProductReview's Brand Management Platform! Compare Product $ 59.99. This fan works but using vortices to circulate air around a room to cool it down. Yes it can be loud on higher settings but i find it soothing. Reviewed in the United States on November 2, 2019. The Vornado VMH300 does a great job at warming small to medium rooms, but may struggle in large or open spaces. I love this fan i sleep with it aimed at the ceiling and get a gentle breeze bouncing down and i can leave it on all night and not get a cold. It's also very loud and will not even warm a closet if given the chance. I bought one of these recently to try and reduce air conditioning running costs. It's the durability that I am rating. Vornado SRTH srth- Personal Tower Heater 8.1 7.6 8.2 8: Vornado VH2 Whole Room Vortex Space Heater, Linen White 7.8 7.3 7.9 9: Vornado PVH Whole Room Heater - EH1-0054-06 7.5 7.0 Purchased the vornado 660 today, 15/12/2020 from Harvey Norman for 200$. Necessary for summer. Purchased the vornado 660 today, 15/12/2020 from Harvey Norman for 200$. Maybe that has to do with the air it is taking in since mine was really cool in the room. Instead I want to tell you about the service/support. I ran it for 8 hours in my home office and there is no way this is whole room heater. Our aircon has broken and we are not able to get a repairman in until jan 2021 and its upper north Queensland so it is darn hot and humid. In this review, we have tested the Vornado Tower on each setting to find out how loud it is and how it compares to some other fans we have tested. Down from 259. With electronics my experience is they fail in the first few months or not at all. Have other vornado heaters (the metal square ones) which are quiet and remarkably heat the room evenly floor to ceiling. Make it sure you have read the full review of each Vornado tower fans very carefully. At highest setting, it can be a bit loud and annoying. Otherwise, this fan is excellent. We were so happy and impressed with it that we bought another one for downstairs and that was a year ago and we are still very happy with these fans and will not buy any other kind from now on. Heater works great, 3 stars because its so loud i cant run it while anyone is sleeping. Our pick for the best space heather is the Vornado … The lowest wind level is cool enough when the temperature is over 35. ProductReview.com.au has affiliate partnerships. Infrared heaters really don't blow out a lot of actual heated air. Very quiet unit, if yours is loud, there's something wrong with it. Its up to you as they buyer in the end... We have a 2 bedroom home, and this moves the air from the air conditioned lounge room through to the bedroom and bathroom area. This is my 6th or 7th since first using them in Bermuda a 40 years ago, My vornado is not working. If you’re looking for a way to avoid melting this summer, a fan could help. It literally is saving my sanity and health by keeping me cool at night with the cpap. Packs a punch in a small package. Don't believe the promises about its quietness. This one seems to heat well also but I will stick with their quiet models with standard fan (this one likely whines due to fan shape and design. So not too large at all, and not so large for what it’s capable of. When another one of the pedestal fans die, I’ll be getting another Vornado 660 (or its DC motor equivalent) for our home. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au! I bought it last year when i was staying at someone else's house until my house was ready. We leave it on low at night and its quiet enough for sleeping - provides good white noise. As such, our toddler is constantly pressing the buttons to turn the fan on and off. The VH200 whole room heater is an effective way to reduce energy costs. Vornado’s VH202 Personal Space Heater is a top choice for small spaces. Does the job! Safety was a requirement. Yes, it's well made. Keep reading for our full product review. This is the best appliance in my house. Especially after comparing airflow of the demo 660 vs the Dyson Pure Cool and Cool towers they had set up. Vornado 5122 BTU 1500-Watt Portable Electric Fan Heater Furnace VH200 Whole Room Vortex ... Model# EH1-0095-06 $ 79 99. Some even appreciated the white noise that the fan provided. it just three months, the circuit board (for the controls) failed. I love how the design of the fan. I think the people saying the unit is loud need to define "loud." which country is it manufactured? The outer casing remains cool to the touch, so I don't worry about my kids accidentally touching it (the slats are too small for them to put their fingers into also). It might be more expensive than most fans but you’ll know why once you own one of these.We found the best way to use it is turn the A/C on for 15-30 minutes to cool the room or house down (depending on ho...Read more, Seriously cannot recommend these fans highly enough. Reviewed in the United States on November 4, 2020. I *love* this fan – sorry, 'Whole Room Circulator'; it's a different concept to an ordinary fan, and, for me, works brilliantly. Varnado fan really does circulate air around the room. But to really feel the warmth, you'll want to find a room heater that adequately warms the space desired. German retail giant ALDI is releasing a bladeless fan and air purifier, due to go on sale as part of its Special Buys program this Saturday 18th November. So when I spotted one of these at Costco this weekend (at about 35% off RRP), I figured I’d give this a try. Definately recommend. No complaints buying another for baby #2. Build quality is also as solid as the Aldi Stirling stainless steel pedestal fan it now replaces (the plastic/ABS frame is very rigid and it will be diffficult for my two year old to put his fingers through the spiral grill).

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